RSA(Prov) Provisional Patent Application 2020/06199
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Pele Twenty20Pele Twenty20Pele Twenty20

About us

About Us

The name Pele derives from Sotho, means “First” and is pronounced as Pielê.

We are first, first to manufacture light weight PVC cattle rail canopies, first to develop paint to spray on PVC canvas and first to manufacture the PVC cattle rail canopy for utility vehicles.

Why buy our Canopies:

We believe our canopies are an add-on to the existing canopy market as we offer advantages that the opposition (Fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminium and steel) cannot match.

Research has shown that a big market of bakkie owners don’t buy canopies because of the following reasons:

  • Too expensive
  • Heavy and impractical to store
  • Do not require a canopy on a daily basis

Our product solves all the above challenges.

Our canopies are significantly more affordable and weigh about a third of the lightest canopy in the existing market.

Due to effects of lockdown, especially in the economy, people are thinking twice before spending their hard earned money. Our price point will prove very attractive to all seeking a canopy option.

One person, even the average 12 year old, can easily assemble and remove our canopies on any bakkie (including utility bakkies). The canopy can easily be stored either against the wall of your garage or ceiling. No modifications need to be done to store our canopy in a garage, as the current structure and brandering will be sufficient enough to carry the weight of our canopies.